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Cazz Walker, Secret Agent

Before the end of term, Cazz Walker, with whom I’ve worked before asked me for another shooting. I thought it would be cool to do something along the lines of the Bourne films and Max Payne comics. I scouted for some appropriate urban, shabby locations in Canterbury and previsualized some shots. At home I combined […]

Fashion Shoot: Third Eye and Punky Fish

This is the last photoshoot I did for inQuire this term. The shops are Punky Fish for the girls and Third Eye for the boys, so the wardrobe was street/punk/skate themed. The decision to shoot outdoors in Canterbury’s less glamorous parking lot and warehouse areas was easy. The weather was dry but overcast, which is […]

World Book and Copyright Day

These are some older pictures from a shooting with Cazz Walker in the University of Kent Library. The shooting was aimed at the photo contest ‘Books Smarts’ where the first picture posted here got second place. There’s something in this photo that adds further interest to it for me. The half a dozen black […]