Friends – Thierry Heles, blogger, author, poet. – Olivier Gauthier, model train collector. – Ronny Steinmetz, IT consultancy. – Charles Betz, photographer. – Garry Crietee, photographer. – Johny Goerend, photographer, web developer & designer.
LuxUrbexShantideva, Urban Explorer. His portfolio is called Urban Visions. – Alison Hollis, photographer.

Photoblogs and portfolios
James Nachtweih – war photographer.
Igor Siwanowicz – Studio macro photography
150 favourite blogs submitted by the readers of the Chase Jarvis blog.
Thomas Herbrich
Erwin Olaf

Photography Communities – Luxembourg’s Photo Community. &#187 Gloda on
DP Challenge – Weekly Digital Photography Contests and forums. &#187Gloda on – Photoblog community.
Strobist flickr group – A community dedicated to off-camera lighting. – a photoblog archive.

Stock Photography
iStock Photo.

Modelling / Working with models
Collection of poses – PDF file. – Modeling 101.
Model Mayhem – Find photographers or models to work with.
Joe Edelman offers advice for models.
MicroStockGroup – Discussing Generic Model Release form.
The Posing Handbook. (Flickr group)
Posing & Lighting Men. (Flickr group)
Great Modeling Poses. (Flickr group)
Purestorm – Modelling articles.
Garage Glamour – Collection of articles related to glamour photography.
Modelling tips from the DPChallenge forums. – Benji’s studio lighting and posing tutorial.
New York Fashion
A Flower A Day – Nude photography. Mature content, NSFW.

Shopping & Review Sites – Good for cheap gadgets. (The society has bought PC cords and adapters from this site.)
BH Photo – Renowned US shop.
Testfreaks – Camera tests.
DPReview – Camera and lens tests, latest news. – on the risks of online auctions.
UK Camera – A database of UK camera shops and manufacturers.
Flash Zebra.
Gadget Infinity. (The society has bought the Vivitar 285 from this site.)
DealExtreme – all kinds of gadgets, some useful for photography. Free international shipping.
Camera Price Buster – compare UK prices for camera equipment.

Canon Lens Aging – Find out how old a Canon lens is.
Focus test chart – Test how well your camera’s autofocus works.
The history of digital cameras.
Dicitonary – Complete listing of common camera symbols.
APO Sonnar – The world’s largest telephoto lens.
Display calibration – Calibrate your display for optimal viewing.
More display calibration.
Fotojojo – how to use vintage lenses with your camera. – General Nikon lens links.
Camera Life Shutter Database.

Camera Holding – McNally explains how to hold cameras.
Meejahor – Ambidextrous off-camera lighting.
APUG – Analog Photography Users Group.
100 Photography Tips.
Lumitouch – Rules of good portraiture.
Zero Noise Photography – How to avoid problems caused by digital noise.
Sharpness is such a bourgeois concept.
DPS – Digital Photography School.
Camera Toss – the blog. offers tips for sports photography.
Sports Shooter – online resource for sports photography.
DPC forums – thread on basic guidelines to sports photography. – A collection of technique articles.

Strobist Preliminaries – Explains some jargon. – THE resource for off-camera lighting information.
super.nova – Tutorials on lighting generally and the Canon EX system specifically.
Planet Neil – Flash Photography Techniques.
Light cage – Light position simulator.
A Photographer’s Sketchbook – Notes on Lighting.

Smoke Photography
Mehmet Ozgur‘s Smoke Works
Artsmoke flickr group
How-to for abstract smoke photography
Sensitive Light – Coloured smoke – Thank you for smoking.

DPC Forums – Make your own backdrop.
David Tejada – DIY beauty dish.
Lighting Mods – DYI photography projects.
DIY Popup Flash Diffuser.
DIY Remote Shutter Trigger.
DIY pocket tripod.
DIY Macro Ringlight.
DIY Flash Snoot – using black straws.
DIY Lighting Equipment.

Pinhole Photography
Dirkon – Make your own pinhole camera.
Polaroid – Make a DIY polaroid pinhole camera.
Pinhole FAQ.
Pinhole Matchbox Camera. And another one.

Museums and Galleries
The Photographer’s Gallery – Public gallery in London dedicated to photography.

Prints and Publishing
DS Colour Labs
Peak Imaging (UK)
Moo – Self publishing – Make your own book

Depth of Field
DOFmaster – Articles on DOF
DIYPhotography – Make your own bokeh.

Online publishing
Pixelpost – A photoblog application.
WordPress – The stuff this website runs on.
Animoto – ‘the end of slideshows.’

Law & Copyright
UK Photographer’s Rights – What the law says about photographers. article – How a photo can ruin your life.
Don’t be a copycat – How to avoid copyright infringement.
Copyright hijackicking – How some contest sites and sites like Facebook hijack your copyright.
United Stated Copyright Office.
EPUK – Article on a controversial copyright case.
Adrants – Example on how copyright extends to things like car designs.
The Observers – Anti-terrorism campaign targets photographers.
BBC – (Video) Amateur photographer stopped by police.
Photography and the Law – News related to photography and the law.
Unique Tracks – Richard Prince and the art of fair use.
NY Times article – Richard Prince.

Photoshop & postprocessing
Photoshop Express – Edit your photos online.
35 Poster Tutorials – Tutorials on how to design your own poster.
Photoshop Disasters – When Photoshop goes wrong.
Horror Blood & Gore – Cool for Halloween.
Layers Magazine – Tutorials for Adobe products.
Tutorialized – Photoshop tutorial collection.
Photoshop Cafe – Photoshop tutorial collection.
Photoshop Roadmap – Photoshop tutorial collection.
NAPP – National Association of Photoshop Professionals.
11AM Design – 101 hidden tips and secrets for Photoshop.
PTgui – Powerful panorama software.
Raw Therapee – Free RAW converter.
NAPP – National Association of Photoshop Professionals.
101 hidden tips for Photoshop.

Other software
Flip Photo – Flash page flip photo gallery template for Picasa.
dfGallery 1.0 – Flash gallery.
Happy Camel – Matches your photos to your GPS data.
Helicon Soft – focus stacking.
Startrails – stack your startrail images.
Histogram Picture Maker – Turn histograms into pictures.

Resources – Royalty free photos.
Image*After – Free textures and images.
LIFE photo archive – Search millions of historic photos.
TinEye – Image search engine, finds similar images.
Grunge textures – free grunge textures and backgrounds.
MorgueFile – Public image reference archive.

Scott Haefner – Kite aerial photography.
Photography and storage – How & why to backup your photos.
Sun/Moon calculator – Find out when the sun/moon will be where.
Monitor calibration – Quick way to approximately calbibrate your screen.
Are you a collector or a photographer? – Comic strips about photography.
Cnet – History of the digital camera.
What the Duck – Comic strips about a photographer duck.
Digital Photography at UoK – Study digital photography at the University of Kent.
The F Stop Mag – ‘Professional photographers discuss their craft.’
Rangefinder – ‘The magazine for professional photographers.’
Microstock group – ‘A meeting place for microstock photographers.’
MediaStorm – ‘Quotations from the world of photography.’

Last update: 9th Febraury 2009. I have posted most of these links to the Photography and Modelling Society website. If you have a link you think should go on here, let me know.