Speedlinks July 2010

  • MediaStorm have posted their newest collection of projects worth watching.
  • FStoppers photographer Lee Morris pulled off an entire fashion shoot with his iPhone 3Gs and got some impressive results.
  • Tom A. Warner created a very cool video of lightning bolts in slow motion – 9000 fps!
  • On photogen.lu I’ve started a list of camera stores in and around Luxembourg. It’s far from complete but you might want to bookmark it for the next time you plan to buy a camera.
  • Strobist has blogged about the neat Strobox iPhone app, which allows you to draw lighting diagrams on the go.
  • Adelene Enersen has created a lovely series of baby photographs, in which she imagines what her daughter Mila dreams about when she takes a nap.
  • EOS Camera Movie Record allows you to capture 720p video on Canon cameras that have LiveView, like my trusty 40D, for instance.

Speedlinks June 2010

  • Alcohol under the microscope. Telegraph.co.uk presents a series of colourful abstract photographs of alcoholic drinks which ‘under a microscope reveal the molecules that make up our favourite tipples.’
  • Camera Odyssey. A waterproof Nikon camera travelled over 1000 miles through the ocean from Aruba to Florida. When it was found it was still functional and had even recorded some video footage along the way.
  • Canon Quickguides are small cheat sheets that document specific features of Canon equipment.
  • Sylights offers an online lightining diagram editor that allows photographers to share their lighting setups.
  • Pixlr is an online image editor with some worthwhile tools for when you need to work on an image but don’t have access to editing software.

Speedlinks May 2010

  • London, Geotagged. Which bits of London get photographed the most? Eric Fisher has collected data from a couple of photo sharing sites to create a map overlay which reveals London’s most photographed areas.
  • The Battlefield Pinhole Camera records photographs on three strips of film roll simultaneously. Pretty cool. The site has a writeup on how to make one yourself if you’re in the DIY mood.
  • findexif.com If you need to check the EXIF of an online image on the fly, tell findexif the URL and it extracts the info for you. No download required.
  • Things We Love. Mediastorm has posted a new selection of their favourite multimedia projects out there, including some breathtaking short films.

Speedlinks April 2010

  • The Adventures of BeetleCam, and how sending a remote controlled 4-wheeled DSLR to lions cannot end well.
  • Philip Bloom interviews Greg Yaitanes about the decision to film the season finale of House M.D. on a Canon 5DMkII.
  • Ghost Towns: WebEcoist has gathered photographs from abandoned towns and cities from around the world and adds a bit of background info. This might interest the Urbexers among you.

Speedlinks March 2010

  • Shoot-out: “What do you get when you challenge David Hobby, Zack Arias and Joey L to make an image of a surprise model(s) in 25mins in a packed auditorium.” A fun video, spiced up with comments by Joe McNally.
  • BBC Wildlife Photography Masterclasses. The BBC has published a series of wildlife photography classes online, filled with a wealth of info.
  • Greg du Toit takes the meaning of endurance to a new level: he spent months in a puddle to get some breathtaking phots of wildlife animals at their water hole.
  • DIY rain cover. diyphotography.net has a how-to on turning a pair of old rain trousers into a protective cover that protects your camera from the elements.
  • LADIG have put together a nice and easy bounce card to use with external flashes. I think I prefer this design to the one by Gardner which I’ve used so far, mainly because this one does away with the need for velcro at the top end.
  • CS5 Sneak Peek: Adobe has posted a YouTube preview of a new feature for Ps CS5: content-aware fill. Looks very useful for photo manipulation.

Speedlinks February 2010

  • After I uploaded some photos from the Pimpamelen blogpost to Photogen I half-jokingly said that the next step would be 3D macro photography with flash. Well fotoopa on flickr has been doing just that for a while, check out the photos of his setup(s) and his insect and water photographs in his sets.
  • A trawlerman recovers a digital camera from the Atlantic with its photos still intact and now tries to find the owners. You can read more on this over at BBC News.
  • The Mostly Color Channel has a neat tutorial on how to ceate a light tent out of nothing but paper and binder clips. Cheap and disposable! A Paper and Binder Clip Light Tent.

Speedlinks January 2010

I hang around on the internet so much and browse so many photography forums, websites and blogs that I stumble across a lot of interesting photo-related stuff. Here are some cool pages that I discovered recently that you may enjoy:

  • DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere. The Lightsphere is a popular (in my opinion overrated) but expensive light modifier. Make your own by following Artur Gajewski’s guide on instructables.
  • RGB Music Lab. Ever wanted to know what your photos would sound like? Feed them to this freeware Mac/Win software to find out.
  • What camera should I buy? This question pops up in forums all the time. The ones who ask them usually don’t give any information on what kind of camera they’re looking for. Read through Scott Bourne’s article and you can probably find the right camera yourself or help others help you.
  • Studio Lighting Techniques. Addicted to Life shows some cool studio setups to build upon and experiment with.
  • Possible World Record. A Canon EOS Rebel XT falls 3000ft from the sky and survives.
  • Classic Portraiture. Joe Zeltsman has written an in depth guide on posing people for portraits.