University of Kent

American Football

A friend invited me to come to one of the American Football games, at which he played for the Kent Falcons, the University of Kent's team. At this game they played against the University of Christchurch team. He told me it was their first season as a team, which might explain why they lost quite badly against Kent.
It was also the first time ever I've seen American Football. It took me all of the first half to figure out more or less how the game works. Once I was able to get a feeling for where the ball was going to go I started to get some decent pictures.

UKC Fashion Show 2010

Design: Alison Hollis

Design: Alison Hollis

Yesterday the Photography and Modelling Society presented the Annual Fashion Show in Eliot Hall at the University of Kent. Each year, the society organizes this event, in which students from the university get on the catwalk to present clothes from local shops and designers. The sets for this show were Slaters Menswear, Kaliko Minuet, Bhs Casual, Animal, Fancy Dress, Recycling, Noa Noa, Fat Face Streetwear, Bhs Bedwear, Fat Face Summer, Punky Fish, Unique, and Armoire. The show also featured guest performances from the UKC Capeira Society and the UKC Circus Society. The proceeds from this year’s show went to Save the Children’s Haiti campaign.

Hit the jump to see the footage of each set. (Fair warning: there are over a dozen embedded videos.)

Halloween 2009 Studio Photos

It’s good to see that the Photography and Modelling Society is getting along nicely this year. I haven’t run for a committee position so I don’t have much say on what’s happening, but I can’t help adding my 2 cents once in a while :) The photos the society took in Eliot college this Halloween (I was there only to help set things up) are available at the following link:

Artsfest 2009

Another year of great artists performing on ugly stages. I think those white tents kill all the atmosphere. Less photography for me this time and more hanging out; it was one of the last days in Canterbury for a couple of my friends.

Kew Gardens

The Photography and Modelling Society's new committee scheduled a trip to Kew Gardens for the summer turn. About half a dozen photographers from the University of Kent got up at an insanely early time in the morning to spend a few hours amongst thousands of shrubs, flowers, trees, cacti and whatnot. You can tell that my knowledge of the botanic world is fairly limited. Until I saw the flower in the second but last photo myself, I thought it had been invented by THX.