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These days most of my time is spent on education rather than photography. I’m sitting on a pile of teaching material that might as well be of use to someone instead of just collecting dust. So I’ve added a new category to the site to which I’ll occasionally post ideas or lesson content that can benefit other educators. My next post will start things off with my research on Memrise, the language learning website about which I wrote my mémoire in 2012. Stay tuned.


After my last class from the spring term, I visited Bermuda with Alison for a week two weeks, thanks to the ashcloud. Before then, I always thought the colours in the photos she’d taken over there were pure Photoshop. Well, no, the water is actually that blue. Below are some general impressions of this and that, from the places we visited in between me researching my essays (which I handed in yesterday, yay!). I’ll post some more sets from my visit later.

I’m trying a new way to display photos on the blog here, with the WordPress NextGen gallery plugin, instead of the SlideshowPro flash plugin I have used so far. On the one hand, it’s going to save me some time getting images ready for the web, on the other hand I can now show photos that are bigger than the main column in the blog. What do you think of the new gallery style?

PAD June complete

I’ve managed to work through the pile of unedited photos that had accumulated on my hard disk and the Picture-a-Day page should get regular updates again. June’s complete, check back regularly to see new photos.

Site appearance

After moved to the new server I though my CSS had broken somewhere during the transfer. What I was actually seeing were the effects of poor CSS handling on my part. I had never tested the site on screens bigger than 1280×800. The background image is supposed to stretch a bit beyond the inner container and then fade to black on the sides and the bottom. But the body background colour was set to 111 instead of 000 (pure black), and the image alignment was set to center instead of top. All things you won’t notice when the background image is bigger than your browser window. So for all of you who like to browse the web in full-screen windows on your 17+” screens, the site layout should look a bit more harmonious now.

Back online

It’s been quiet on here for a while! I had run out of webspace, and moving back to Luxembourg for the summer as well as starting my summer job the next day left me with less time on my hands.

The site has now moved to a new server with twice as much webspace. The switch is the reason why the website was unavailble yesterday and today, but I think everything is back in place now. I’ll try and iron out the remaining rough edges over the next few days. If you notice any major problems or deadlinks let me know in the comments. In the meantime, stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on how to have aliens abduct your friends, right here on