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My dad and I went back to Canterbury for some days so that I could attend my graduation ceremony (Gloda, BA :P ). We visited Broadstairs and its beach to chill out a bit.

UKC Student Activity Awards Night

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Each year those students and societies that put special effort into making student life at the University of Kent worthwhile or/and contributed to the newspaper and radio station are honoured at the UKC Student Activity Awards Night. This year it was on March 28th and apart from covering the night for inQuire, I received one of those shiny glass awards myself. Bragging is healthy once in a while: I am now officially Best inQuire Photographer 2007/8. Yay!
For the pictures of myself on stage I passed the camera on to fellow photographer Dave Cater. All pictures were taken with the Canon EOS 40D and EF 70-200 2.8L IS lens, mostly at F/2.8, ISO 1250 and 1/100.

UKC Freshers’ Ball

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There’s no freshers’ week without the traditional Freshers’ Ball. For this year’s line-up, Kent Union managed to get hold of BootyLuv, Scouting for Girls, xFM and the Venue’s resident DJs.
The Union decided to make some changes to the Venue over summer and I have to say that I love their new light equipment. Makes for some nice photographs :) Now I can’t wait to see their interactive dancefloor in action.
If you want to see the photographs in print, be sure to grab a copy of the next edition of inQuire, out across campus on October 23rd.

Keynestock 2007

Kent Union’s annual Keynestock offers student bands from the University of Kent the possibility to display their talent. Hosted by the Keynes JCC and broadcasted live on Canterbury Student Radio, this year’s edition was the first one ever to completely sell out.
More photographs will be published in the next edition of inQuire, out on Tuesday, May 22nd.

Update 20140414: I had messed up the photos on the server a long time ago; that’s finally been fixed now. Eleanor / Ellie Goulding has come a long way since I first posted these!


Yesterday a mixed tag rugby tournament was held on the University of Kent Park Wood pitches. I didn’t stay to cover the finals in the evening, but here are some pictures from the afternoon.Mixed Tag Rugby

When things get out of hand

I just finished a 4700 word essay plan for a 4000 word essay. Hm… I’m glad when this term is over.

It’s all over!

20070401bunny.jpg…for this term. Most of my flatmates have already left Canterbury; I’m going home tomorrow. Since there was nobody left to trick me, the laundrette decided to play April’s fools with me instead: it’s controlled by a computer which was determined not to let me wash my clothes, instead displaying nothing but a sarcastic ‘Thank you.’ Of course, it’s the end of term and there’s nobody around to fix it. The receptions are closed, the campus shop is rather empty, the few remaining students take refuge in the library (still open until 3am). With nobody else around, I’m afraid that, instead of painting eggs, the UKC bunnies will decide to take over the campus. Or maybe they already have…

Late Night Session

I’m disappointed about the library. It’s almost 2AM now, and when Ollie asked me to come along to work on our essays (I am, I am, this is just… multitasking), I had imagined the library to be dark and spooky, with owls hooting from the History bookshelves. Instead I’m sitting in a well-lit study area among 50 other students, all diligently working on their essays. Beyond a doubt, being a student messes up your biologic clock.

Nice Wanton

Nice Wanton ThumbnailThe online version of the N.I.C.E. Wanton Project is now available for download. For the final project of the EN302 Early Drama module at the University of Kent, Charlie Smith, Stuart Halling and I have modernized the 16th century interlude Nice Wanton and turned it into a photo story.

In a society where a maximum of productivity is the ultimate goal, a pill has been developed to obliterate all idleness. The National Injection Corporation for the Elimination of Wanton (N.I.C.E. Wanton) propagates complete uniformity among the population and absolute obedience to the government. Only Ismael and Dalilah refuse to give in to the medication-mania. Together with Oppugnancy, who operates from the underground, they find out that there is more to the pills than anybody expected…

Please choose from one of the PDF versions below:

PDF Symbol NICE Wanton for on-screen viewing
PDF Symbol NICE Wanton for booklet printing