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2 weeks of PAD complete

The first two weeks of my Picture-a-day project have now been uploaded, so if you haven’t had a look at them yet, go and check them out. The PAD isn’t updated on the RSS feeds by the way but I upload an image pretty much every day. I’ve been going for well over a month now and haven’t missed a single day yet, let’s hope I can keep that ratio :)


Today my new project for 2009 starts. For one year I will try and make one photograph, drawing or moving picture each day. The results are posted here: Whilst I’ll endeavour to make a picture each day, since I’m regularly travelling or without internet access for a few days, the pictures are all uploaded about a month after they’ve been taken. This way their publications also avoids clashing with any running competitions or unfinished larger projects.

Site maintenance

It’s time to make some updates. Today I’ll try to upgrade to WordPress 2.7, later I’ll probably change the site layout. So if gets the hickups, don’t worry, it’s just me getting my fingers stuck in the WordPress cogwheels.
3.1. 11:30pm – The upgrade to WordPress 2.7 is now complete. My internet connection is unusually slow today so the whole procedure took longer than planned. The changes are mostly behind the scenes and make it easier for me to add and manage the site content.
5.1. 14:15 – I’ve now pretty much decided on the theme for the new layout. The next steps will focus on customizing the template I picked. That means that the site may look out of shape while I’m playing around with the settings.

CSR FM Birthday Celebration

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One year ago, Canterbury saw the birth of CSR FM, ‘the first ever community FM radio station in the UK run exclusively by students’. I had then covered the launch party for inQuire. This time CSR asked me directly to cover their celebration party in Kent Union’s night club, the Venue. The line-up included DJs from the station itself, the upcoming band Touriste, and a group of breakdancers that performed on the dancefloor – or tried to do so: it seemed to me that they were not too happy with the DJ’s choice of music. I’ve seen their amazing moves last year and was rather disappointed that the act was let down by a DJ who at that point didn’t seem to notice what happened around him.
With this post I’ve also updated the appearance of the blog galleries in which the pictures are displayed. I think it integrates more smoothly into the rest of the site now.

New gallery: People

I’ve finally managed to bring a little bit of order into my photography archive after the semi-disastrous hard disc crash in September. I may now present one of my favourite galleries: Poeple, a collection of photographs taken in studio environments and in outdoor locations alike. Some of my favourite images in that gallery are still missing though. They have to be opened in Paint Shop Pro first, but Windows Vista doesn’t like that program. Yet another reason to get rid of Vista – which shipped with the new laptop – as soon as possible.

Format: C

A tip for those who want to backup tomorrow… do it today. I had planned to upload a gallery each day until my portfolio is complete. Well, my computer started becoming really slow a few days ago. Instead of ringing the alarm bells and backing up everything, I first tried to solve the problem. The antivirus scan remained fruitless, so I thought defragmenting might be a good idea. The next reboot greeted me with an enthousiastic ‘Disc error. Press any key to restart.’ which then left me with a black screen. A friend of mine brought Knoppix to my attention, on which I eventually managed to launch Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier, which is attempting to salvage my C: partition as I type (on my sisters’ laptop). Let’s hope it’s as unstoppable as it claims to be. This major crash in conjunction to me moving back to the UK beginning of next week means there won’t be any updates for a week or so.

New gallery: European Cities

This gallery, European Cities, is similar to ‘In the Streets’; the focus of these photographs however is on the cities’ landmarks and peculiarities rather than the people living in them.

New gallery: In the Streets

My camera often accompanies me at my aimless wanderings through European cities. In the latest gallery, In the Streets, you may see what I encountered during my trips.

New gallery: a3s7rAcT

Welcome the latest addition to the portfolio: a3s7ract. As my creativity goes into images rather than words, I’ll let Albert Camus give you some food for thought while you’re browsing the gallery: ‘Abstract Art: A product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered.’

New gallery: (In the name of) Love

The gallery (In the Name of) Love is now online. It features my interpretations of the (it has to be said) rather commonplace type of photographs you may find all over the internet. They make for a nice present though.

New gallery: Animals (are beautiful people)

I’ve just uploaded the next portfolio gallery: Animals (are beautiful people). The photographs range from venomous sheep and bunnies to fluffy arachnids – or something along those lines.

[Enter] The Portfolio

Thumbnails of the first three galleries.

After much ado about nothing and loads of sound and fury with various gallery programs I have finally settled for one that suits my needs. I proudly present the new portfolio, implemented into the site structure for good (long live kimili).
The portfolio has been created using Flash 8 and Slide Show Pro with the Wet Floor Mod. I’ll gradually replace the old posts which still run using Simpleviewer and captions will be added to the pictures.
For now, check out the first three galleries: ‘Aaand Action’ features people trying to break out of their everyday routine and pushing their limits. ‘The World is a Stage’ [but the play is badly cast. -Oscar Wilde] shows pictures from musicians, actors, or anybody else able to draw an audience around them. ‘Me Myself and I’ gives you an idea of the guy behind the camera – photographers are usually strangely absent from their own work.
Don’t forget to come back for more, I’ll be adding a new gallery in the portfolio every day until… well, until I run out of photographs.

Phoenix from the Ashes

Hooray, my blog is online! Again. After everything had been more or less set up, I thought it would be a good idea to activate PermaLinks without checking whether my server could handle them. Memo to self: RTFM!