Nice Wanton

Nice Wanton ThumbnailThe online version of the N.I.C.E. Wanton Project is now available for download. For the final project of the EN302 Early Drama module at the University of Kent, Charlie Smith, Stuart Halling and I have modernized the 16th century interlude Nice Wanton and turned it into a photo story.

In a society where a maximum of productivity is the ultimate goal, a pill has been developed to obliterate all idleness. The National Injection Corporation for the Elimination of Wanton (N.I.C.E. Wanton) propagates complete uniformity among the population and absolute obedience to the government. Only Ismael and Dalilah refuse to give in to the medication-mania. Together with Oppugnancy, who operates from the underground, they find out that there is more to the pills than anybody expected…

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