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Halloween 2009 Studio Photos

It’s good to see that the Photography and Modelling Society is getting along nicely this year. I haven’t run for a committee position so I don’t have much say on what’s happening, but I can’t help adding my 2 cents once in a while :) The photos the society took in Eliot college this Halloween (I was there only to help set things up) are available at the following link:

Halloween Studio Session

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On Halloween, the UKC Photography and Modelling Society set up a studio in the Lighthouse at the University of Kent. The aim was to raise some money for the society to buy more equipment, and it worked out quite well.
The last photo shows out setup. The trickiest part was lighting the background without having too much spill on the people since we only had about two metres in depth with which to work. The backdrop is lit with two Canon Speedlite 430 EX flashes, both with gobos to make the light hit the background only. The lights left and right of the camera are a Canon Speedlite 580EX MkI and MkII with Manfrotto 001B Nano stands and Westcott 2001 double-fold shoot-through umbrellas. All flashes were set to slave mode and triggered with a Canon ST-E2.

Halloween at the Venue

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What a fabulous night at the UKC’s Venue. People do tend to show up there in all kinds of fashion, but Halloween allows everyone to look as unique and ridiculous as they want without being turned away by the bouncers. A costume was quickly found, I put on my camouflage poncho I bought for shooting sports when it’s raining, the camo trousers, got some brown and green face paint and I was ready to go. Well, not quite yet, I made the camera fit my outfit.
I started the night with the Photographers and Models Society and a Halloween themed shooting around Eliot college (photographs coming soon), then queued a whopping 25 minutes to get a drink in the Lighthouse and spent the rest of the night in the Venue partying and shooting. Well, the shooting bit ended at around eleven when the place was so packed I couldn’t even hold the camera in front of my face anymore!