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Speedlinks April 2010

  • The Adventures of BeetleCam, and how sending a remote controlled 4-wheeled DSLR to lions cannot end well.
  • Philip Bloom interviews Greg Yaitanes about the decision to film the season finale of House M.D. on a Canon 5DMkII.
  • Ghost Towns: WebEcoist has gathered photographs from abandoned towns and cities from around the world and adds a bit of background info. This might interest the Urbexers among you.

Wedding: Lynn & Tim

Such a cute couple. I had a great time at Lynn and Tim’s wedding last summer. Tim used to work with my aunt and that’s how we got in touch. As usual I went to see them and we discussed the details of their wedding well ahead of time, so that everything could go as smoothly as possible on their big day.
Once again, Olivier Kerschen assisted me throughout the day. It’s great to have an assistant with you who knows the way you work. We started the day at Lynn and Tim’s home with detail photos and some shots of Lynn getting ready. The church in Obercorn in which the ceremony was held wasn’t far from their home, so we could spend a good deal of time with Lynn and still meet Tim at the church, early enough to confirm with the priest the decisions Olivier and I had made when we had scouted the church on an earlier occasion.
The ceremony was great, with some brilliant solo performances by the choire and lots of emotions.
The reception and dinner were at the Claimarais in Belgium, a lovely hotel-restaurant with a beautiful parc surrounding it. We stayed with the couple and their guests well into the night: the dinner was followed by catchy music by an Italian trio, and the family and friends had come up with some priceless games for the couple in between the dances.
We took the couple photos of Lynn and Tim on a separate day, which allowed us to visit a couple of locations. We started in the Grund in Luxembourg city, which looks great in summer; then we moved on to the Schueberfouer, the yearly Luxembourgian funfair for some photos in a more unusual and exciting setting. Finally we drove to an abandoned warehouse to finish the shooting with a modern, gritty edge.

Deeper Underground

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Shantideva, some mining enthusiasts and myself met up in late December to explore an abandoned French mine which was started in the 19th century. One of the most interesting parts of the mines were the beds that remained from the time when renegades would hide in the mines during WWII. One of the less interesting moments was when I lost sight of the others for a few minutes :/

Terres Rouges

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In late December I met fellow photographer Shantideva for a shoot in the Terres Rouges industry buildings. The model was my cousin Nickie. We photographed for a few hours despite the blistering cold (something around -4°) and incredible amounts of dust. There was dust everywhere. It took well over an hour to clean all my gear when I got home, but my camera was scheduled for a trip to the Canon headquarters anyway.
If you want to see some behind the scenes footage, watch the video, but keep in mind that I’m not a videographer :)