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Southlands Beach

Southlands Beach has got to be one of the most interesting places in Bermuda, photographically speaking. Rocks are scattered along the beach and make for great focal points in landscape images. Getting up at insane-o’clock in the morning to get to the beach before sunrise was well worth it I think, and the clouds, which initially looked rather discouraging, actually made for a great atmosphere. After this session at Southlands, we went back there twice more for shoots with specific themes.

Réserve Naturelle Albert Hopp

In 2004 the CFL presented a project to add a second track to the railway line passing through Bascharage, Luxembourg. For the laying of the tracks and the underpass replacing the level crossing, about 1 1/2 acres of woodland were chopped down. In 2009, the works are nearing completion. These are impressions of the Réserve Naturelle Albert Hopp.

AvEx Camp in Holzheim, Belgium

After my return from the UK I had a wedding on Saturday, then the day after I crammed some outdoor equipment into my Lafuma backpack and headed North into Belgium. Each branch of our scout troop goes on a weeklong summer camp each year, and every couple of years the AvEx, the age group I'm a leader for, heads somewhere abroad. Holzheim is in the part of Belgium which used to belong to Germany (I hope I'm not mutilating histoy here...) and most of the people who live there speak German. We camped on a farmer's field on a barrow. Fairly windy and no protection from the rain or sun - not that we had much of the latter; the camp's theme was The 4 Elements, but water definitely dominated.
If any of the scout-photogs out there have pics of their latest camp, feel free to post links in the comments and let me know if you had more luck with the weather.

Kew Gardens

The Photography and Modelling Society's new committee scheduled a trip to Kew Gardens for the summer turn. About half a dozen photographers from the University of Kent got up at an insanely early time in the morning to spend a few hours amongst thousands of shrubs, flowers, trees, cacti and whatnot. You can tell that my knowledge of the botanic world is fairly limited. Until I saw the flower in the second but last photo myself, I thought it had been invented by THX.


Alain & Sté's dog Angus has a surplus of energy. To let him burn off some of it, Alain, Joe, Tom and I went to take a walk through the "Giele Botter" in Pétange with him. It's a nature reserve where a steel company used to mine for iron, it's also where my scout troop is located, so it's an area that's pretty familiar to us.

Chartham Hatch

After my return from Spain I spent most of my time backing up every single byte from my laptop. With me Murphy's Computer Law has a habit of kicking in just before I cross the channel either way. Better safe than sorry. (And indeed as I type this on my acer, balanced on copies of Wild Fang and Gulliver's Travels to let the air circulate beneath it, it's overheating, the processor is running at 90% and it's just a matter of time before it bites the dust. I hope the Macbook I've ordered will arrive soon...)
To counterbalance the IT frustration I got on my bike and visited the nature reserve in the woods around Chartham Hatch, not far from Canterbury. Turns out getting on the bike to go there was a dumb idea; you're not allowed to cycle in the nature reserve. Even so it was an enjoyable walk through some beautiful areas, and I got the camera with the 10-20mm wide angle lens out of my bag more than once.