[Enter] The Portfolio

Thumbnails of the first three galleries.

After much ado about nothing and loads of sound and fury with various gallery programs I have finally settled for one that suits my needs. I proudly present the new portfolio, implemented into the site structure for good (long live kimili).
The portfolio has been created using Flash 8 and Slide Show Pro with the Wet Floor Mod. I’ll gradually replace the old posts which still run using Simpleviewer and captions will be added to the pictures.
For now, check out the first three galleries: ‘Aaand Action’ features people trying to break out of their everyday routine and pushing their limits. ‘The World is a Stage’ [but the play is badly cast. -Oscar Wilde] shows pictures from musicians, actors, or anybody else able to draw an audience around them. ‘Me Myself and I’ gives you an idea of the guy behind the camera – photographers are usually strangely absent from their own work.
Don’t forget to come back for more, I’ll be adding a new gallery in the portfolio every day until… well, until I run out of photographs.

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  1. bloGeescht

    Although I like the simple :) layout of Simpleviewer, I must admit that the new portfolio fits your blog better. The visitor does not feel like leaving the site when switching to your portfolio which I think is a great plus for the overall impression. Regarding the slideshow I especially like the way you integrate the portrait format into the landscape-formatted window. The mirror effect below the photographs pleases the eye too, but unfortunately due to the height of your header I have to scroll down to see it. Well, at least Apple now offers the 20inch model as entry level iMac, so your site looks good right now, it is my Mac that looks old. ;)

    Aug 23, 2007 @ 00:33