Format: C

A tip for those who want to backup tomorrow… do it today. I had planned to upload a gallery each day until my portfolio is complete. Well, my computer started becoming really slow a few days ago. Instead of ringing the alarm bells and backing up everything, I first tried to solve the problem. The antivirus scan remained fruitless, so I thought defragmenting might be a good idea. The next reboot greeted me with an enthousiastic ‘Disc error. Press any key to restart.’ which then left me with a black screen. A friend of mine brought Knoppix to my attention, on which I eventually managed to launch Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier, which is attempting to salvage my C: partition as I type (on my sisters’ laptop). Let’s hope it’s as unstoppable as it claims to be. This major crash in conjunction to me moving back to the UK beginning of next week means there won’t be any updates for a week or so.