Kent Union Election Results

Sometimes, I have to work with the pressure of a wedding photographer and the salary of a bartender. Such an occasion was the results night in the Venue last Thursday, when the winners of the Kent Union elections were announced. In spite of tricky conditions for shooting I managed to be in the right place at the right moment for most of the night.
Congratulations to the winners:
Union President - Tom Christian
NUS Delegate - Faith Victoria
VP Welfare - Tom Page
VP Education - Helen Palmer
VP Sports - Cai Robbins
VP Activities - Caz Brooker
Men's Officer - Liam Carmichael
Women's Officer - Nicola Barker
Ethics and Environmental Officer - Peter Gray
LGBT Officer - Jack Bowman
Students with disabilities Officer - Marsha Todd
Postgraduate Officer - Jason Simpkins
RAG President - Ian Simons
International Officer - Charlotte Brower
Student Trustee - Taiwo Otaiku, James Howard
Keynes JCC President - Lauren Granville
Darwin JCC President - Iain Kiy
Eliot JCC President - Helen Wood
Rutherford JCC President - Alice Maskell
Parkwood Committee President - Sven Stear