AvEx Camp in Holzheim, Belgium

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After my return from the UK I had a wedding on Saturday, then the day after I crammed some outdoor equipment into my Lafuma backpack and headed North into Belgium. Each branch of our scout troop goes on a weeklong summer camp each year, and every couple of years the AvEx, the age group I’m a leader for, heads somewhere abroad. Holzheim is in the part of Belgium which used to belong to Germany (I hope I’m not mutilating histoy here…) and most of the people who live there speak German. We camped on a farmer’s field on a barrow. Fairly windy and no protection from the rain or sun – not that we had much of the latter; the camp’s theme was The 4 Elements, but water definitely dominated.
If any of the scout-photogs out there have pics of their latest camp, feel free to post links in the comments and let me know if you had more luck with the weather.

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  1. Annick

    haha do sinn jo awer ultra peinlech zeenen dobei =)basste dest joer och rem mat fun der partie fie alles festzehaalen ? =)

    Jun 02, 2010 @ 20:27

  2. gloda

    Nee, ech muss den Summer iwwer u ménger Master-Arbescht schaffen.

    Jun 03, 2010 @ 00:01