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World of Butterflies

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Alison found out about the MacFarlane’s World of Butterflies in Swingfield. We went there after exams, I played around a bit with the Ringlight adapter I bought recently and borrowed Alison’s 100mm Canon macro for some shots (that piece of glass has got to go on my to buy list). A pretty cool, albeit small place! The downside was that it was about 40°C in there. I waited for fifteen minutes until my lens de-fogged. (Temperature changes from cold to hot can result in condensation, which can lead to an early death for electronics. To avoid it on your camera just put it in a plastic bag, the condensation will form on the bag instead of your camera.) It was incredibly hot in there; we stayed longer than any other visitors. Fortunately they sell drinks and ice creams there. Even so nobody wanted to sit next to us on the bus back home…