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Speedlinks July 2010

  • MediaStorm have posted their newest collection of projects worth watching.
  • FStoppers photographer Lee Morris pulled off an entire fashion shoot with his iPhone 3Gs and got some impressive results.
  • Tom A. Warner created a very cool video of lightning bolts in slow motion – 9000 fps!
  • On I’ve started a list of camera stores in and around Luxembourg. It’s far from complete but you might want to bookmark it for the next time you plan to buy a camera.
  • Strobist has blogged about the neat Strobox iPhone app, which allows you to draw lighting diagrams on the go.
  • Adelene Enersen has created a lovely series of baby photographs, in which she imagines what her daughter Mila dreams about when she takes a nap.
  • EOS Camera Movie Record allows you to capture 720p video on Canon cameras that have LiveView, like my trusty 40D, for instance.

Speedlinks May 2010

  • London, Geotagged. Which bits of London get photographed the most? Eric Fisher has collected data from a couple of photo sharing sites to create a map overlay which reveals London’s most photographed areas.
  • The Battlefield Pinhole Camera records photographs on three strips of film roll simultaneously. Pretty cool. The site has a writeup on how to make one yourself if you’re in the DIY mood.
  • If you need to check the EXIF of an online image on the fly, tell findexif the URL and it extracts the info for you. No download required.
  • Things We Love. Mediastorm has posted a new selection of their favourite multimedia projects out there, including some breathtaking short films.